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Why Sally?

Sally is the REAL Republican for HD21

Sally is the REAL Republican for HD21

After twenty years of watching our priciples and Constitution slip away as RINOs overtook our County and State, it is time a REAL Republican stood up for our brand.

A veteran who still abides by her oath to defend our Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic, Sally is answering the call to serve her neighbors and State, in the effort to reclaim our Party.

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Sally is the REAL Republican for HD21

Sally is the REAL Republican for HD21

Sally is the REAL Republican for HD21

Hi, I am Sally Tucker. I have a passion for Truth and the US Constitution. I am seeking to represent HD21 (roughly Black Eagle and eastern side of Riverview), intent on being a voice for ordinary, hard-working people, and the businesses which employ them. 

I believe in win-win common-sense Constitutional solutions 

I believe citizens have a right to accountable and responsive government, that will secure our God-given rights and allow us to prosper in peace.

A bit of my history:

Born in Helena, raised in Great Falls.

Daughter of Great Falls City Judge Bob Tucker, and Doris Tucker, Con-Agra executive secretary.

USAF veteran. 

Constitutional conservative. 


Worked 16 years as an auto mechanic, Service writer and in auto parts sales.

Worked as a Census Supervisor in 2000.

Worked as a web guru for local radio stations.

Disabled in 2007; given a terminal diagnosis in 2008.

Apparently was supposed to be dead in two years...but didn't get the memo 😉

Reside in Black Eagle, in a humble rental on Montana Avenue.

Ran for GF City Commission in 2003. Served as Cascade County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) Chair 2005 - 2006.

Currently HD21 Precinct Committeewoman in the CCRCC.

If you are interested in more of my story or vision for our House District, or would like to share your stories, ideas or concerns with me, please feel free to contact me.

Phone: 406.899.8342

Email: sally@tuckerformontana.org

I have a heart for listening, seeking win-win solutions, and restoring integrity and justice to our community and State House.

I have a passion for this project that God has tasked me with; for gratitude everyday, in every way; and for trusting His Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness are our birthright (and those principles cannot be lost, as long as we keep our eyes and hearts on Him.)

Join me on this adventure! I ask your support, your prayers and your vote on June 2, 2020.

I sincerely believe We the People are "alive for such a time as this", called to restore free hearts and minds - the historic foundations of our Republic














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Making the Grade

Have We the People had enough?

Have We the People had enough?

Questionnaires, phone interviews, and prayer.

The coronacation may have hindered her outreach, but important groups sought out Sally to learn what her positions are on the issues facing us today.

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Have We the People had enough?

Have We the People had enough?

Have We the People had enough?

Don't know about you, but I am full up on lies, manufactured crises, fraud, pompous politicians, snowflakes, government-inflicted suffering, taxes, excuses, broken justice, addled minds, and the death culture.

I have had enough.

I want my nation back. I want my God back. I want leaders with integrity and servant hearts.

Call me crazy, but I want American values restored

If you have had enough, join me in reclaiming our State 

God did not plant this nation to fail; to turn from Him to the embrace of tyranny and laziness.

He gave us sound minds and strong hearts. He endowed our founders with wisdom and vision. He sowed seeds of tolerance, justice,