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❤ Families ❤ Freedom ❤ Prosperity Treasure Montana!


Can you hear us now?

Sally Tucker will be YOUR voice for House District 21.

VOTE JUNE 2 for a REAL REPUBLICAN representative

Sally Values What You Treasure

You need a representative who will listen to your ideas; 

who lives in (and will fight for) our community; 

and who will work to earn your respect.

VOTE for someone who truly cares about our community,

 VOTE Sally Tucker for HD-21 on June 2

This isn't just another Republican Primary!


A Whole Lotta Rafflin Goin On!

Lineberry 'Juicer'Raffle ticket

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This unique, mixed media creation from Great Falls artist Leslie Lineberry, 'Juicer', features recycled elements celebrating the sweetest things of the seasons.

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* Drawing on May 31, 2020


Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. Show Sally Tucker that you have her back. Give today!

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Virtually Yours

Coming soon! A Virtual Tour of our Legislative Distriict

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Get your ❤ on, as you join me on the virtual campaign trail through our neighborhoods.

Explore the sights, the businesses and the recreational offerings in House District 21!

Even if we can't be there in person, we can still share our 'Coronacaction' as a community. And share the ❤ of our diverse and wonderful town.

Get involved!

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